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Cheap calling cards. Best rates. Save money on long distance calls.

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Best Rates:

3 Easy Steps to Buy a Phone Card!

1 Select Country to search for the Best Calling Rates.
2 Place an order with Secure Charge On-line.
3 Receive your Cards Online Instantly.

We offer you the cheapest prepaid calling cards for United States available today. With faster service and live support we provide you calling rates much lower than AT&T's, Sprint's, MCI's and many other long-distance service providers.

You do not have to hold a calling card in your hands to use it.You just have to know PIN-code of the card and local access number to make a call. A call is made by dialing a local access number of provider (or a toll free 1-800 number), after that you have to enter PIN-code and a number you wish to call.

You can get your PIN number right after processing your order and you can start using calling card immediately!

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